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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Actress Sophie Marceau suffers severe wardrobe malfunction as she flashes nude knickers on Cannes red carpet

(The Daily Mirror)

Sophie Marceau suffers wardrobe malfunction
= Cannes film fest, Europe - humorous fabric award! (by Jason Lofts)
=Beautiful French woman surprises. Camera food! (by Jason Lofts)
=Formal costume; ah...unwraps briefs for audience. (by Rosie Perera)
=Impacts in her underwear of a buff colour. A mess! (by Jason Lofts)
=Famous woman’s such “brief” failure on red carpet. (by Jason Lofts)
=MILF has cute face, enormous wraparound briefs. (by Jason Lofts)
=Film’s about spacious underwear of French mare. (by Jason Lofts)
=Undress on camera, to euphoric aware film buffs. (by Rosie Perera)
=Unwrap female “stuff” on camera? Is boorish, crude! (by Rosie Perera)
=Chasm offers beautiful underwear comparison. (by Rosie Perera)
=Apron comes off, underwear charms, is beautiful. (by Rosie Perera)
=Um, disrobe in front of cameras? Awful! Sure cheap! (by Rosie Perera)
=How fibrous dress came open? Manufacturer fail! (by Rosie Perera)
=No superfluous fabric in cameras - what freedom! (by Dharam)
=A consumer of microfiber suns the parade - awful! (by Dharam)
=And, it sure offers four cameramen a public show! (by Dharam)
=Has performed in awful “cutaneous” macro briefs. (by Jason Lofts)
=HuffPost rubric: Female Wears Macaroon Undies. (by Jason Lofts)
=Fabric up, unceremonious flash of tame drawers. (by Jason Lofts)