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Monday, August 20, 2018

Weinstein accuser Asia Argento paid teen who made sex assault claim: report

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Weinstein accuser Asia Argento = Once was a satanic intriguer, see
Anagram: Pinchas Aronas

Thursday, August 16, 2018

These Are The Chilling Stories Of Abuse Covered Up By The Catholic Church

(Huffington Post)
Ordination of Rev Tristan Cranfield to the Priesthood by Bishop Richard Moth at Arundel Cathedral

Predator priests = Reported rapists
Anagram: Jason Lofts
Image: Diocese of Arundel & Brighton

Genoa bridge collapse: 'That's WHY the bridge gave out' Engineer who built bridge explains

(The Daily Express)
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Budget - that or heavy weights ~ that's why the bridge gave out
Anagram: Robert Jordan

Grand jury report IDs over 300 "predator priests," more than 1,000 child victims

(CBS News)

The Roman Catholic priests = O, stop lechers' titanic harm!
Anagram: Pinchas Aronas
Image: Roman Catholic Archdiocese

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Prince William and PM join ex-soldiers to celebrate Battle of Amiens which signalled beginning of end of WW1

(The Daily Telegraph)
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Today is the centenary of The Battle of Amiens = They often celebrate that as end of animosity
Anagram: Chris Sturdy