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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Most Horrified Reactions to Trump's Dick Allegedly Looking Like Toad

Seta *

Toadstool = Toad's tool
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Image: jacinta lluch valero

Strawberry needle scare: strict new export rules put in place

(The Guardian)

The Queensland Strawberry Growers Association = Needles sow terror! So what? Big scary quarantines! = Sow terror with needle! Gross! Bananas! Quite scary!
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Image: Ahmed Helal

Monday, September 17, 2018

Trump aides plead guilty


Trump aides:
1. Manafort
2. Gates
3. Flynn
4. Papadopoulos
5. Cohen
1. Loathsome
2. Fraud
3. Polecat - P.U.
4. Minor Pansy, and
5. Fat sponge
Anagram: Russ Atkinson
Image: CNN

Victoria Beckham sparks carrier bag-wearing trend on social media

(The Irish Independent)

The UK fashion designer Victoria Caroline Beckham = Hark, I'm inclined to stick a bag over her heinous face
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Image: Victoria Beckham

Sunday, September 16, 2018

"Gina is Great": Trump endorses book declaring him possibly the "most sound-minded" president ever

(Washington Post)
Bryce Tache at Stand on Every Corner protest - Day 87

The "most sound-minded" president? = Dishonest Don Trump is demented
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Image: FibonacciBlue

Uranus, Missouri's New Newspaper Is the Uranus Examiner (Huh. Huh.)

(Riverfront Times)
Donald John Trump Newspaper launches with title Uranus Examiner – & people are NOT happy

Newspaper of Uranus = Press unaware of pun
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Manafort plea deal: Trump ex-campaign chief to help Mueller inquiry

Manafort guilty plea

Manafort cuts a plea deal with Mister Mueller = Malefic Trump has a real meltdown, utters a lie
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Image: Victoria Pickering

Europe's farmers on red alert as deadly African swine fever spreads to Belgium

(The Guardian)
African Swine Fever (05510240)

African swine fever spreads to Belgium = Endemic virus answerable for pigs' fate
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Image: IAEA Imagebank

It's Not Just the President* Who Ought to Be Sweating Today

Paul Manafort, updated LinkedIn photo

Paul Manafort Mike Pence Nomination = A prominent minion. Fate? A lock-up. Amen.
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Image: Mike Licht

Dead: Volkswagen Beetle

The quintessential cool car of the early-2000s, the VW Beetle, will be no more

Dead: VW Beetle = a VW be deleted
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Image: John Ellrod

The 10 Most Valuable Brands in 2018

amazon logo Apple Logo google

A List of the Ten Most Valuable Brands in the World This Financial Year
1. Amazon
2. Apple
3. Google
4. The Samsung Group
5. Facebook
6. AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph)
7. Microsoft
8. Verizon
9. Walmart
10. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
1. Online retail trailblazer
2. Computers, phones, tv
3. Internet web, a mega ‘billboard’
4. Phones, gadgets
5. Think talkathon, fandom, crazy election havoc (hahaha!)
6. Mass media
7. Software
8. Communications
9. Full of popular retail
10. Mortgage, finance
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Image: Daniel Iverson