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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Legal threats surround Donald Trump as nearly every organisation he has led is under investigation

(The New Zealand Herald)
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The countdown to POTUS impeachment has already started = Watch Cohen lament on oath a stout ape Trump's "dirty deeds"
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Image: Backbone Campaign

WW3: Moscow admits Russian aggression won't be on America but against small Euro states

(The Daily Express)
RAF/RCAF Monument, Windsor

The third world war ~ dwelt horrid wrath
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Image: PDru2014

Migrant caravan: Girl dies in custody after crossing US-Mexico border

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A young girl from Guatemala dies in US custody = End US's feud. Moronic guy at Mar-a-Lago is guilty
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"Can you imagine anyone other than Trump?" Time magazine published a perfectly fitting answer.

(The Oregonian)
Time magazine person of the year 2018

Trump fails to be named Time's "Person of the Year" = Damn, I feel the man prefers a bosomy prostitute
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Image: Time

Monday, December 10, 2018

The Birth of BrExit

(The Dangerous Globe)
Bollocks to Brexit bus

Types of Births
1. Normal vaginal (per vaginum)
2. The forceps-assisted
3. The vacuum-assisted
4. Caesarean section
5. Non-intact dilation and extraction
1. "Push!" Men dread loose vagina
2. "Dr, don't insert those up me!"
3. Ventouse (France)
4. Incapacitation, can't sit, has long scar
5. Brexit - mass fatalistic naivety!
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Image: Tim Dennell