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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Patrick Swayze made peace with death, memoir shows

(Yahoo! News)

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Patrick Swayze made peace with death, memoir shows = He was wracked, yet amazed with epic metamorphosis
(by Dharam Khalsa)


  1. Hi, I think The Anagram Times is a great idea. I just wanted to make a suggestion about the way you display the letters in the animation. The drop shadows are too dark and offset too far from the black letters, and this renders the black letters much less legible than if the shadows were done differently or removed altogether. I'd be happy to submit an example illustrating my suggestion.

  2. Thanks, Alberto. I've made some changes in the drop shadow.

  3. Likewise: great, fun idea! I wonder if you might keep the animated anagrammed titles still for a bit longer. I realize that I can read the new title below, in plain text, but I like watching the letters rearrange into the new titles, but I can never finish reading before the letters start splitting up again.