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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cher, Kim Kardashian and Andre Agassi: Armenia's A-list diaspora

(The Guardian)

Armenian diaspora
Map: Wikimedia

Armenia’s A-List Diaspora
1. The singer contralto Cher (nee Bono)
2. Kimberly Kardashian West
3. The motion capture expert Andy Serkis
4. Frenchman Alain Prost
5. Andre Agassi
6. Frenchman chanteur Charles Aznavour
7. Entrepreneur David Dickinson
1. She’s a thin actress, record producer
2. Sex tapes, innuendos, then stunt with porn, reality TV star, married Kanye
3. He's King Kong, ape Caesar
4. Formula One champion driver
5. Bald American tennis ace
6. Harmonizer a la Frank Sinatra
7. Born in Cheadle
(by Julian Lofts)

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