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Sunday, December 27, 2015

See Every Person of the Year in 15 Seconds


The public figure that I would have chosen as TIME's Person of the Year is...
= Vengeful hybrid amputee athlete Oscar Pistorius who shot his fiancée
= Pope Francis, the troubled guy who utilises the Vatican free as his home
= Charlie Hebdo. Evil huffish thugs wipe out cartoonist team seen as prey
= A team: He is cute faerie North's pouting pa; she is his hot, curvy bedfellow
= Vladimir Putin: A cheerless, tough, beefy chief; he was the top Russian too
= Even G.W. Bush, the so hilariously pathetic president of the US of America
= FIFA's President Blatter, whom the US chase. He is covering up. I loathe you!
= Hirsute UEFA President Michel Platini. Why? Shoot, because he got favors!
= E.T. "Tiger" Woods. Ha, the rich player misbehaves (unfaithful to nice spouse)
= Oprah Winfrey, the huge fat US television host. To her bulimic escapades!
= The Islamic State (IS). They are unit/group who chop off unbelievers' heads
= Islamic State (group of neophyte thieves who behead rueful Christians)
= Tsipras: Is PM in Athens while Greece has voted for hefty (ouch!) EU bailout
= W.H. Cosby, the hopeful nefarious lecherous date rapist. Investigate him!
= Tony Crafter. Oh, he pens positive beautiful 'grams, he does, which I salute
= The Lofts twins: i.e. they've published facetious or euphoric anagrams, eh?
(by Jason Lofts)

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  1. No. 4 refers to the husband and wife team of Kanye West & Kim Kardashian