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Friday, January 22, 2016

Litvinenko inquiry: the key players

(The Guardian)
2013_11_060045 Alexander living in the death
Photo: Gwydion M. Williams

Just Some of the Leading Players in the Litvinenko Coronial Enquiry
1. Alexander (deceased)
2. Marina
3. Dmitry Kovtun
4. Andre Lugovoi
5. Sir Robert Owen
6. Nikolai Patrushev
7. President Vladimir Putin
8. The Federal Security Service
9. "Igor the Assassin"
10. Counsel Ben Emmerson
1. Polonium induced acute radiation syndrome killed him relentlessly
2. Wife
3. An evil ex-spy
4. An evasive token member of Duma
5. The judge/sleuth/coroner
6. Heads inner Russian spy organisation
7. Is an incoherent evil - pure vitriol
8. KGB adversaries
9. A rotten terrorist
10. QC
(by Julian Lofts)

1 comment :

  1. Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks favorably of a certain isotope = "I approve polonium for evil dissidents at breakfast in a syrup. It's arcane."