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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Starvation in Syria 'a war crime,' UN chief says

"Open the way!" Paris. 2016
Photo: Denis Bocquet

"Let me be clear: the use of starvation as a weapon of war is a war crime. All sides, including the Syrian government which has the primary responsibility to protect Syrians, are committing this and other atrocious acts prohibited under international humanitarian laws.
UN teams have witnessed scenes that haunt the soul. The elderly and children, men and women, who were little more than skin and bones: gaunt, severely malnourished, so weak they could barely walk, and utterly desperate for the slightest morsel."
In the news on this day: The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says that the regime of the perverted President Bashar Al-Assad (who personally is an untrustworthy, hellishly murderous lawbreaker) is committing really "atrocious acts" and "unconscionable abuses" against civilians under siege in Madaya in Syria. "We call the world's attention to this war for the hundredth time. We would welcome all immediate, trenchant intervention from other countries ASAP! We shall need help to prevent it! Thanks!" he stammered.
(by Jason Lofts)

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