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Friday, April 29, 2016

Leicester City stand on the brink of a remarkable Premier League title... but who are the men behind their success?

(Daily Mail)
Roger Johnson, Marouane Chamakh and Abou Diaby
A List of Some of the Managers/Coaches of the English Premier League Football Clubs
1. Arsene Wenger
2. (Sir Alex Ferguson followed by) the Netherlands' Louis van Gaal
3. Jose Mourinho
4. Jurgen Klopp
5. Sam Allardyce
6. Terry McDermott
7. Slaven Bilic
8. Kenny Jackett
9. Paul Lambert
10. Claudio Ranieri
11. Mauricio Pochettino
Some are foreign or not
1. Arsenal
2. Man U (hah, a stupid joke - poor performance)
3. Chelsea (he just left - has megalomania, OK)
4. LFC
5. Spurs
6. Newcastle
7. Hammers
8. Wolves
9. Blackburn Rovers
10. Leicester City (jubilantly excel, leading the tough competition)
11. Sunderland (a bloody terrible failure! Gloomily facing relegation?)
Anagram: Julian Lofts, Photo: Ronnie Macdonald

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