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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein sexual abuse case could push powerful friends into spotlight

(The Guardian)
Trump associations

1. Some famous high-ranking friends or enablers of Jeffrey Epstein
2. that egregious billionaire financier.
3. the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell,
4. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York,
5. a sex slave Virginia Roberts,
6. The American entrepreneur Donald Trump,
=1. Rumor or nonsense I infer? Rearrest the felon,
2. Paedophile sex trafficker ran parties with
3. UK media tycoon’s daughter.
4. had sexual relations with
5. baby-faced jeune fille ‘virgin’ in fresh lingerie/miniskirt?!
6. an overeager Palm Beach bestie ogling minors?
Anagram: Julian Lofts
Image: Marvin Moose