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Monday, September 23, 2019

Teen activist tells Davos elite they're to blame for climate crisis

Greta Thunberg - Caricature

“We are facing [an] existential crisis, the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced....Some people, some companies, some decision makers in particular have known exactly what priceless values they have been sacrificing to continue making unimaginable amounts of money. I think many of you here today belong to that group of people." Whose great quote is this? Guess!
Swedish girl Greta Thunberg - hey, she is quite a remarkable freak, a sweet, unconventional, goofy sixteen year old activist, a plucky campaigner with a Weltanschauung against a fiasco, i.e. imminent climate change/eco mayhem. An over opinionated freethinker, she mesmerises, testifies, convinces obnoxious, pompous, myopic, hoggish people (us!) to use boats, not fly
Anagram: Julian Lofts
Caricature: DonkeyHotey