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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

‘Mockery of justice’ after Saudis convict eight over Khashoggi killing

Justice for Jamal: The United States and Saudi Arabia One Year After the Khashoggi Murder

“Bottom line: the hitmen are guilty, sentenced to death. The masterminds not only walk free. They have barely been touched by the investigation and the trial. That is the antithesis of justice. It is a mockery“ said Miss Agnes Callamard, a special rapporteur and a human rights expert for the United Nations
That political rhetoric’s exasperating. Truth meant death. Aye, that nasty satanist, the testy entitled Crown Prince Mohammed from Saudi Arabia’s directly involved and responsible for the talented Jamal Khashoggi’s heinous beheading in Turkey. They must refute the lie, sentence him in absentia too
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Image: POMED