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Thursday, November 12, 2020

US election: Trump's list of broken promises after four years as president

(The New Zealand Herald)
Edel Rodríguez es un artista cubanoestadounidense, criado en la ciudad de Hialeah, Florida. Fue quien dibujó la famosa portada de la revista Time en la que el presidente Donald Trump

President Donald Trump's list of broken promises:
1. Repeal of the Affordable Care Act
2. Bring home all the American troops
3. Build a great wall
4. Broker peace between Israel and Palestine
5. Pursue infrastructure plan
6. Release my tax returns
= 1. Rapscallion can sure disagree about millions of people without health insurance
2. Pretender falsely perpetrated proposal about war
3. Firm deterrent flabbergasts
4. Errant dreamer
5. Barefaced mental excuse
6. Unsportsmanlike bilker
Anagram: Julian Lofts
Image: Ruperto Miller

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