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Friday, June 14, 2024

River of Fundament review – Matthew Barney’s magnum opus is calculated to divide opinion

(The Guardian)

Reaching the final stage of immortality requires the negotiation of an underground sewer:"Do I sit before you and fart?" asks the spirit of a deceased Egyptian general. "Do you smell every odour of the constipated, the gluttonous, the sulphurous, the caustic, the fermentative ... It is because I had to swim the river of faeces and succeeded in crossing only at a great price."
Queer avant-garde art terrorist Matthew Barney's 'River of Fundament': It's a huge operatic film opus, a scatalogical rewrite of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The sodomy, effluent and faeces galore cause you to espouse, "Such unsavoury fecality is not genteel!" "Agreed," I did nod, "Sure, it's incited me too. Enough, shorten this perfidious shit thing! Artistic licence ends here!"
Anagram: Jason Lofts
Image: Laurenz Foundation / Wikimedia

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