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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ten traits of highly intelligent people

(The New Zealand Herald)
Exercise Plays Vital Role Maintaining Brain Health

Ten Surprising Traits of Intelligent People
1. They're left-handed
2. Are messy
3. Swear a lot
4. Make people laugh
5. Stay up late
6. Didn't have sex in teenage years
7. Have worries
8. They tend to be modest
9. Are a cat person
10. Are an older sibling
=Features of Extra-talented and Skilled Person
1. A southpaw
2. Dirty
3. Blaspheme
4. A comedian
5. Not sleepy
6. A virginal youth - no entanglements
7. Easily agitated
8. Hate hype, are proper
9. Sensitive, gentle
10. Elder brother/sister
We agree.
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Image: A Health Blog